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Bookkeeping Services

Regardless of the size of your company, organized finances are essential to long-term success. Bookkeeping can be tedious, time-consuming and, if neglected, overwhelming, resulting in serious issues when it becomes time to report. Our expert bookkeepers are highly skilled in QuickBooks and other widely-used applications that carefully record all transactions and provide necessary tools for management decisions that directly impact profits, thus saving you the cost and hassle of hiring, training and maintaining an entire accounting department.

Our bookkeeping staff will maintain your financial information current and organized throughout the year, guaranteeing accurate real-time information for full transparency of your business and availability of critical data when needed.

Urban & Unique

Industries that commonly Outsource their Bookkeeping:

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Outsourced bookkeeping services facilitate daily operations and increase productivity in virtually any industry.
Every business must maintain a complete and accurate set of books and records in order to
comply with tax law as well as generally accepted accounting principles.

Restaurants and Bars

The restaurant industry is dynamic and fast-paced, particularly in NYC. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, focus is on customer satisfaction. While worrying about customer experience, many restaurant owners struggle to maintain financial stability. Restaurants run on slim margins, in order to maintain profitability, costs need to be monitored closely. Outsourced bookkeeping allows restaurant owners to focus on customer satisfaction, while everything else is being tracked behind the scenes.


With already being tech-forward, start-ups are a perfect candidate for outsourced bookkeeping. As a business expands rapidly it is imperative to have accurate financials in order to make informed decisions and report to investors. Investing in an accounting department can be costly, particularly for a company in the inception stages. Outsourced bookkeeping is a great cost-effective way to start.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is highly competitive, with the focus being on clients. An outsourced bookkeeper allows brokers to put their efforts into network building. With real-estate payroll being both salary and commission-based, professional bookkeeping services will keep payroll in order, ensuring each employee is paid the correct amount.


Caring for patients is the main priority for healthcare providers. Doing so while dealing with heavy paperwork can be overwhelming. In the healthcare industry, payments come in from many different sources; they can be at the time of service, on a payment plan, or collected from an insurance company. With all of these moving pieces on top of high operating costs, outsourced bookkeeping is an excellent way to keep your books organized.

E-Commerce Business

The E-Commerce industry is rapidly expanding in today’s day and age. With low overhead, entrepreneurs are able to be nimble and start businesses without having to divest a large amount in initial costs. When sales volume increases and manual spreadsheets and reconciliations don’t cut it anymore, outsourced bookkeeping services may be the key to staying on top of the company’s finances.